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برد توسعه ۳۲ بیتی STM32F103C8T6

قیمت: ۶۹,۸۱۰ تومان

برد توسعه 32 بیتی STM32F103C8T6

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شناسه محصول: AsaMicro16 دسته: ,


1. Black craft, front and back patches;
2.  Main chip:STM32F103C8, 72M main frequency, 64K-FLASH, 20K-RAM;
3. LED: Power LED (red), programmable LED (blue);
4. Crystal oscillator: 8M (through the internal PLL of the chip up to 72M) ST official standard parameters);
5. FLASH: W25Q16, 4M external FLASH, SPI control interface
5. EEPROM: 24C02 data parameter memory, I2C control interface;
6. TF card: MIN TF, extended storage function, can store pictures;
7. Wifi wireless module interface: ESP8266;
8. MP3 module interface: VS1053
9. Network module interface: W5500
10. 2G wireless module interface: NRF24L01;
11. Display interface: 0.96 OLED and 1.44 TFT LCD screen
12. Standard SWD download port 4-wire system
13. MicroUSB power supply communication
14. Clock: can be connected to the battery;
15. GPIO port: all pin headers are taken out;
16. Clock: Send MDK software, peripheral routines, STM32 development materials;

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